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Gossip Chapter 3

These gossip chapters are the chapter conclusions of the  "THE GOSSIP COLUMNIST."
The blogs are "not the final finished chapters" The completed book has many photographs. The finished book is now published. However, these blogs will still be here and at a later time.  


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I was told that BOB MITCHUM and PEGGY LEE once backed a gay bar called the KEY-NOTER. This was told to me by former agent, Bob Neeley.

I stopped by NATALIE WOOD's home on Canon Drive, prior to her filming the TV version of "From Here To Eternity," and dropped off some James Dean, unpublished photos. She was late getting home and costumer, EDITH HEAD, was waiting there too and said to me, "she's always late." So, I just left the photos there and in an interview for Andy Warhol's INTERVIEW, Natalie was quoted as saying, "These Dean pictures just mysteriously appeared at my home." Well, Dakota does get around-smile!

PETER BROWN who appeared on "DAYS OF OUR LIVES," was written out of it. He is still in "shock."

Rock singer, PAUL JABARA, was talking about the time he hid in a closet in Morocco and is alleged to have watched agent, SUE MENGERS, while her wares..on a teenage Arab boy. When Sue heard a noise in her closet, Paul said Sue called out, "Who's there?" Paul then said he jumped out and said, "It's me, your new client." It's a funny story (true or not) but Paul is the one telling it. Sue is the agent for BURT REYNOLDS, RYAN O'NEAL, BARBRA STREISAND and on and on....

BETTE DAVIS, who recently bought a home here in California, after selling her Connecticut home, is now looking for another Connecticut.

JIM HAYNIE, the bartender at the SIDE SHOW LOUNGE, next to the Paramount Theater in Hollywood (Now the El Capitan) keeps bugging the hell out of me. He says he wants me to introduce him to LINDA (WONDER WOMAN) CARTER, so he can eat her pussy! Well, if he eats pussy as well as he mixes drinks, Linda is in trouble. So, if Linda in interested, call Jim, the former pugilist and make a date. (Dakota: Jim Haynie died a few years ago and the SIDE SHOW is now a tattoo parlor. And for the record, I have never even met Linda Carter.)

JOHN CARRADINE said he didn't want his boys to go to any acting school because they are run by actors "who couldn't make it."

The radio newscast, from back east stated: ROD STEWART COLLAPSED ON STAGE DURING A CONCERT. AT THE HOSPITAL WHERE HE WAS TAKEN, 7 1/2 OUNCES OF SEMEN WAS PUMPED FROM HIS STOMACH! Is this what it sounds like? Was it actually cum that was pumped from his stomach?

RYAN O'NEAL is still getting high, with a little help from his friends. He was recently caught at STUDIO 54 DISCO, sniffing amyl nitrate, (liquid in a bottle, when sniffed it makes your blood seem to rush to your head with a dizzying effect.) PAUL LYNDE died from using this stuff. His heart exploded!

One of our spies called to say they had seen BILLY CRYSTAL at the gay GREEN PARROT Bar. I used to see NORMAN FELL at Caesars, in the Valley. It featured nude Toga boys. GEORGE (ROUTE 66) MAHARIS used to frequent the Queen Mary on Ventura Boulevard, where they featured female impersonators as well as male strippers. I guess he travels Route 69 nowadays. (The Queen Mary is no longer there.)

CANARY CONN, the transsexual who wrote a book on her sex change now has a syndicated talk radio show called the HOLLYWOOD CAGE, and recentlty told me she was asked to participate in a sexual threesome with LINDA RONSTADT and another gal, somewhere on Doheny.

ROBIN WILLIAMS (MORK & MINDY) is alleged to have been busted for heroin about five months ago. This comes from an ABC Executive, (we won't use his name for obvious reasons.) We were told, and it's alleged, there was quite a sum of money used to keep it quiet. The Executive said he had visited the set, which is usually wild and fun, but on that day, after the alleged incident, it was gloomy. The Exec. was then told by the cast, of the incident. Robin had been a close friend of JOHN BELUSHI, who died of a drug overdose. (See the copy of the letter from Robin's attorney, Clair Burrill, telling us not to mention this story, or they would sue us. But, we did it anyway.)

BOB HOPE may be doing a movie for JOSEPH E. LEVINE to be called "VERNA:USO GIRL." Bob would be a baggy pants comedian. (Dakota: The movie never materialized and Levine is now deceased as well as BOB HOPE.)

Hollywood nearly lost one of its newest and biggest "made overnight" stars. BRAD DAVIS who starred in "MIDNIGHT EXPRESS," almost died from a drug related encounter in Boston, where scenes for his latest film, "A Small Circle of Friends," was being shot. The hospital where Brad had checked himself into, thought they may lose him. But, he recovered and was released within a couple of days and filming resumed without the press finding out. (As we all know, Brad died from AIDS.)

Our, Candle Up the Ass Award, to JAN-MICHAEL VINCENT and PERRY KING, who decided they were both too big to need any publicity, or too good to be in our publication. They are such "big stars" they don't need publicity. (Dakota: Where are they today?)

Rumor has it that JIM BACON may soon be leaving the Herald Examiner. Too many falsehoods, I was told. He said he had a copy of Elvis's autopsy report on his desk, but that someone stole it! ABC didn't even have a copy and went to court to try and get one. The autopsy is kept in a vault in Memphis, says Mr. Elliott, the head of the Baptist Memphis Hospital in Memphis. (The Herald-Examiner folded.)

TALLULAH BANKHEAD was once discussing potential guests for the TONIGHT SHOW. She mentioned a theatrical friend of hers when one of the writers interrupted- "Listen, do you mind if I ask you a question? Uh... since you know and all, I wonder...listen. Is it true that he is, uh, really homosexual? "I don't know Darling," the heavily voiced Tallulah shot back, "he has never grabbed my cock."

Director, NICK RAY, was unable to pay his bill at Barney's Beanery and an actor from "REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE," FRANK MAZZOLA, paid the $9.00 tab to keep Ray from being arrested. Ray, 67, died a few weeks later in New York, from lung cancer. His last film was "55 Days At Peking." He also directed, "They Drive by Night," "Knock and Any Door," and John Wayne, in "The Flying Leathernecks," to name a few. And of course, "REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE." He also directed JOAN CRAWFORD in "Johnny Guitar," and JAMES CAGNEY in "Run For Cover."

MARILYN MONROE kept a photo of CLARK GABLE on her bureau and pretended he was the father she never met. In 1961, he did become her father (lover) in "THE MISFITS." He smiled at her across the screen as he had smiled at JEAN HARLOW thirty years earlier.

ARTHUR LAKE, who played Dagwood Bumstead in the films based upon the cartoon characters, ("Blondie & Dagwood" series), is buried in the same crypt as MARION DAVIES, at the Hollywood Memorial Park Cemetery, (Now named Hollywood Forever Cemetery.) They were related.

PHYLLIS DILLER is alleged to have had an invitation to a Halloween party and was told to "come as you are."

I think BETTE DAVIS should portray JOAN CRAWFORD in "MOMMY DEAREST." Wouldn't that be a hoot?

Who's the group that sang, Rainy Days and Mondays, and Close To You, the Carpenters? Well, I heard that the guy singer was caught backstage, in Las Vegas, with another fella in the chorus, doing nasties. One of the owners of the club is alleged to have been showing a friend the backstage area of the M-G-M Grand and walked into a dressing room to see this strangeness occurring. This came from a man who works for MERV GRIFFIN. The M-G-M manager denied it over the phone.

"PHANTASM II," is on the way. LARRY GUY is the real name of ANGUS SCRIMM, the tall man playing the bad guy. Larry used to live on Alexandria Avenue near the old Brown Derby. (Dakota: The films in this series are restored and now on DVD.)

After the premiere of "A STAR IS BORN," RYAN O'NEAL, knocked actor HELMET BERGER, down the stairs of a club called ON THE ROX. Seems Helmet had been talking about Ryan, behind his back, at Jack Nicholson's house.

NEIL SEDAKA, was seen going into the gay SPOTLIGHT bar. He wasn't alone either.

A phone caller informed us that...are you ready (?).....DOUG McCLURE wets the bed! MICHAEL LANDON also confessed that he had been a bed wetter too.

The day before JACK CASSIDY burned to death, he spent $4,700 in Beverly Hills buying clothes and Christmas gifts.

BILL OSCO who made the X-rated "ALICE IN WONDERLAND," offered RICHARD NIXON a six figure sum to appear in a forth coming X-rated, "THE WIZARD OF OZ." Now, that took nerve.

We tried to get a phone call to JACK BUETEL, who starred with JANE RUSSELL in Howard Hughe's, "THE OUTLAW." He now lives in La Jolla, California and refuses to be interviewed. His real name is Warren Higgins. His wife said he had appeared in many other films besides The Outlaw and that the "Half Breed," film which he starred in, was recently shown on TV, so she said. He was very sex-x-xy in THE OUTLAW, don't you agree? (Warren has since passed away.)

TYNE DALY, the femme star in "THE ENFORCER," should get an Oscar nod. I really like her.

ALDO RAY left town for two days to get his teeth recapped and hasn't returned yet. That was three weeks ago. Knowing his fear of dentists, he is probably half way to Alaska. I'm glad he is on the wagon because his nose was looking like Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. (Aldo Ray passed away a few years ago. One of the friendliest actors in Hollywood.) "I love my country but I hate the government. There is a big difference." This was a headline story in the Hollywood Star newspaper from an interview with Aldo.

MARIO LANZA's, 22 year old son, Mark, is opening a restaurant in Beverly Hills to be named after his famous father. (Did this ever happen?)

WARREN BEATTY is on a special diet to lose weight, (it's not eating pussy either-smile!) and he is worried about losing his hair, and so is JOHN TRAVOLTA. With John's mop, the only thing that would worry me, is how to get a comb through it, it's so thick.

In answer to John's fans who didn't like what I said about his acting in "CARRIE," stated it was a wonder I hadn't associated him with faggots! Well, ......on January 1st of this year, John was supposed to have had his cock sucked by a male, at a party. This was after the girls left. I heard he was an average six incher.

DENNIS HOPPER sneaked into town without calling me. Well, I know he's here on business. Quite a change from a few years ago. He's finished APOCALYPSE NOW with Brando and word is out that he is very good.

Who is the director who claims to have made it with CLINT EASTWOOD, during the fifties? Was it a guy named Lubin? Just asking!

I heard that DAVID CASSIDY wasn't moved by his father's death. Jack, I heard, disinherited David from his will. David has so much money, he doesn't need to worry anyway. David just sold his Encino mansion to JERRY VAN DYKE and moved his 17 prize horses to Santa Barbara.

ROBERT MITCHUM bought a 60 foot sampan in Hong-Kong. He will moor it at Marina Del Rey. Hong-Kong, that's my favorite place. If you get the chance to go, stay on the Kowloon side. The PENINSULA restaurant is open all night, at least the coffee shop is. (A real cruisy place.) Stay at the YMCA, it's cheap too.

LIBERACE looks absolutely ridiculous in his red, white and blue hot pants! And one caller said Lee hosted a party last year for FIST-FUCKERS OF AMERICA. Was that in "Palm" Springs?

Although he isn't a movie star (he is a well known figure, Governor Gerald Brown, we're told, likes to be masturbated upon.) Couldn't he be a normal homosexual person? Well, our source claims two people told him of this fact!

Yes, REX REED does live at the DAKOTA APARTMENTS in New York. And "no" I don't have anything to do with the building. I wish I did. A trick, the other night, (using my phone), when asked where he was? said, "I think I'm in a closet." Well, it was a small single, but the rent was just right.

HELMET BERGER is supposed to show his nude body in the film, MADAM KITTY." The film is a cross between THE NIGHT PORTER and CABARET. It has a X-rating too.

PAUL NEWMAN has been seen dining with a very young blond. But, there's no dirt here, it was his daughter, Lissy, who is fifteen!

RICHARD PRYOR must be having a love affair with the Chinese theater, He saw THE MARATHON MAN three times there when it played. JACK PALANCE has been seen at Steve Boardner's on Cherokee. Although Steve Boardner's has been there for over twenty years, I just discovered it, (thanks to Teddy Bear). And their Bloody Marys are great!

Singer ENGLEBERT HUMPERDINCK bought and moved into JAYNE MANSFIELD's mansion on Sunset Boulevard. RINGO STARR was a former tenant. And Englebert claims Jayne's ghost is there.

I saw GUY MADISON in "Lou and Mac's bar" across the street from the Burbank Studios on Olive Avenue. I had just visited the Studio where I talked with JON PETERS regarding photos taken at the premiere of A STAR IS BORN in Westwood. I wanted them for this issue of the paper. But, Ms. Streisand hadn't okayed them yet. She has to see that each picture is properly retouched. ALL BLEMISHES MUST BE ERASED. Anyway, I stopped in Lou and Mac's and there he was, GUY MADISON, sitting and drinking a Budweiser. I started a conversation with him, since Aldo Ray had promised he would try and reach Guy for me so I could interview him. If you saw his early films, you would know that he was one of the most handsome men in Hollywood. And in his mid-fifties he still looked good. We talked for four and a half hours! He's very sharp and witty and he was fun to talk with. But, the barmaid, through listening to us, knew who I was and attacked me verbally and even had the nerve to reach across the bar, grabbing my jacket to see if I was wearing a tape recorder! Then she asked if I were queer? and how many cocks I had sucked! Guy was embarrassed but didn't say anything. We had been playing darts and kept a conversation going. The next day I phoned the Alcoholic Beverage Control and found out who owned the bar, then I phoned him and blasted him about the barmaid's rudeness and her mouth. Her queer slurs were uncalled for too. In the bar, she had wanted to see a copy of the newspaper, which I handed her. Then she asked for a second copy for someone who worked at Warner Bros. in the prop department. Then she started reading it, using a flashlight. (The bitch must have been going blind), or else she was too bombed to read it in the bar light. That, which had been a fun and interesting evening, started into a Battle Royal. As I left the bar, (it was closing time anyway), I said "Honey, if a guy or gal turns me on and if I have a chance to make it with them, then I will. I have no sexual hangups," as I swished out the door. Her mouth dropped wide open. What a dumb broad. (Note: the owner apologized and said he would talk to her. Lou and Mac's is no longer there, torn down long ago.)

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